A fairytale collection, in which the protagonists are the spouses, their dreams and their emotions. Each model has its own story to tell, the words spoken by or for a princess have been interpreted and transformed into sketches that have taken shape, becoming strictly handmade faiths.

Every detail has been carefully taken care of, so in two-colored wedding rings the man is represented with white gold while the woman with the pink gold and the white part in her faith will be pink in his faith, just to underline this giving herself to each other.

And then dreams that become stars, magical waves of a sea to cross in two, hearts that complement each other, smiles that intertwine, sweet engraved words and a whole world enclosed in this small circle, a symbol of perfection and eternity.


"Dreams are wishes of happiness"

- Cinderella -


"Feel how much love my heart beats for you"

- Snow white -

la bella addormentata

"I know who you are, of all my dreams the sweet object is you"

- Sleeping Beauty -

la sirenetta

"You will take me where you want and I will be part of your world"

- The Little Mermaid -


"Whatever happens I will always be by your side, forever"

- Pocahontas -


"Princess, it's been a long time since your hearts waited for a yes"

- Aladdin -

la bella e la bestia

"Happiness takes you away like the tide"

- Beauty and the Beast -

"You were my new dream. And you mine"

- Rapunzel -


"It is worth melting for someone"

- Frozen -

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